Thoughts of My Heart, Enoque Wambua

Something has changed here in Kenya. Last Friday, on the 15th of June 2018 at Micheal Joseph Center, I was privileged to one of the best live performances I’ve ever attended here in Kenya. Energetic, emotional, humble: these are the three adjectives I would use to describe the album launch “Thought of My Heart” by Enoque Wambua and produced by Modest Chabari, better known as UrbanMuzik. The concert, in my opinion, was actually the best live representation of the album, also thanks to the fantastic band which made it possible.
A couple of months ago Enoque contacted me to take care of the mastering of his newly released album. Since I already knew the artistic and the musical skills of this slim guy, in all honesty I was looking for to work with him, the excitement was over the roof!!!
The album is a mixture of Afro-fusion, electronic and pop. Always intense and never banal, lyrical-wise, this album is an emotional juice encompassing a diverse mix of Enoque’s life experiences.

Technically, the best thing I could do was to dust off my Marantz tape recorder and plugged into my sound-card. I really wanted to give an old school and vintage vibe to the album. Technically speaking, the beats were on point, consistent and fresh, masking almost all the limits of a low budget production.
“Thoughts of My Heart” by Enoque Wambua is possibly one of the most inspired album I worked on so far here in Kenya.
And so, what has changed? The Kenyan music industry has now a new player, with new ideas that are the natural bridge between the past and the future of an important cultural identity which has been absent from the music workdmap for too long.

“Thoughts of My Heart” by Enoque Wambua is available at the Hedgehog Creative in Sariit Center, for 600 bob.

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