What's boiling in the pot?


My last post, which I must say is still trending!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ I have also been caught up with new exciting projects. A few of them will be announced here.

As technology has progressed and the market has changed, a big portion of my activity has moved online, in terms of teaching and in terms of Production and Post-Production.

A few months ago I started to teach online on a platform called In a nutshell (wait for it, folks….!), once you join this platform, you have access to my classes together with other 25000+ classes every month! And in all kind of topics! What a bargain! I highly recommend anyone and everyone to join or, to have access to my classes, you may use this referral link, which will give you 2 month of free premium subscription to this platform. Sound Engineering taken to the next level!

In terms of Audio works, I am working on some new exciting projects. You’ll hear them VEEEEEERY soon. Murfy’s fLaw’s album, Nataka Sitaki is also out… finally, after AAAAALL this time and work! A Production Log will follow 🙂

Recently I also started a Live Channel on, and I stream 3 times a week, with the following formats:

  • Audio Talks: let’s talk about an Audio related topic;
  • Chilled Time: we just sit in my living room and hangout together;
  • Live Mix & Master: I will Mix a song live, as you can watch me doing it! And we can also discuss about what I am doing! Don’t forget to send me your tracks!

Check the detailed schedule here.

You can also watch all the past videos here, on my new Youtube Channel.

Last but not least I’ve retrieved my SoundCloud Channel, so now you can listen to what is up musically ,in an easy way.

That’s all for the moment! I’ll post something ASAP, in the meantime…


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