Audio Plugins Deals - Black Friday 2019

Black Friday 2019: all the hottest plug-ins offers!


This year, like every year, we are approaching THAT day – Black Friday! The offer is broadening up every year, giving no excuses to remain stuck in the era of cracked and illegitimate software. I would like to give you some leads on the best offers you can find for this season. Let me know if you find other offers!

Waves Free Plugin (FREE): let’s start with something that really rocks! Waves is currently doing a giveaway. You can just click on this link, enter your email address and wait until 29th of November, when the free plugin will be revealed. AMAZING!

Waves: Waves is making very interesting offers for Black Friday this year, with discounts of up to 90% off. You may already know that Waves isn’t amongst my favourite plugins manufacturers but there are some pieces of Waves software that I consider as Essentials. Both on sale at 29.99$, the Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain and the Kramer Master Tape are a must-have, especially if they are used in combo, not necessarily for mastering, but even just to have them on the single stems. If you are interested in bundles, you can try the Waves Silver Bundle, on sale for 49.99$.

Soundtoys: till the 4th of December, Soundtoys is offering a 50% OFF on Upgrades. If you own even one of their plugins, you might be pleasantly surprised by this offer. If you do not own any of the Soundtoys plugins, hurry up and sign up to their newsletter, since occasionally they give out plugins for free, or almost free. These plugins are bae, at least for me.

Plugin Boutique: add this website to your bookmarks and you’ve solved 70% of your plugins needs. All year long these guys have amazing offers but during Black Friday they unleash their creativity. For every purchase you make through them, you get a license of Izotope Nectar Elements, for free. Hot offers I recommend? Get a copy of Nebula, a multi-effect that can sort you out in a number of situations. If you are looking for a digital compressor Firefly is the right tool for you. If you are looking for free inspiration, have a look to their selection of free Kontakt Instrument.

Plug and Mix: this manufacturer is may not be very well known, but they are offering a definitive plugins bundle for only 49$. Basically the VIP bundle contains all plugins developed by Plug and Mix. If you need a bundle to start, this could be your choice. For less than 50$ you can kickstart your toolbox.

(UPDATE) Don’t Crack (FREE): this online store offers a wide selection of products related to music production and sound engineering. For Black Friday this year, I have already got my eyes on some 9.99$ offers, like these ones from Nomad Factory, aren’t they tempting? Also, free with any purchase you can get the Blue Tubes Tempo Delay 3D which alone is worth 89.00$

Acustica-Audio: I am Italian, how could I not include Acustica-Audio in the list? This Italian company manufactures the most accurate digital reproductions of analogue goldies. They are not in the cheapest range of plugins, but quality comes at a price. Because of this, whenever they put online a sale like this, it’s hard to not take advantage of it.

(UPDATE) Accusonus: amongst the best audio repair softwares manufacturer, Accusonus is giving out both its bundles at 75% OFF. If you constantly have to restore part of your recordings, those 2 bundles should be marked as must-have in your toolbox.

(UPDATE) Wicked Drums by Black Octopus (FREE): over 400 single drum shots. For a limited time you can download them for free here. Not exactly a plugin, but is a freebie 😀

(UPDATE) Native Instruments: I personally do not think that Native Instruments requires any further introduction. A humongous collection of instruments, of evey kind and nature. Take advantage now and buy (or update) everything with 50%, with their last Thanksgiving Xxl 2019 offer.

(UPDATE) Black Rooster Audio (FREE): the makers of the FREE equalizer VHL-3C are doing a crazy sale for this season. If you are looking for a nice vintage sounding plugin, their free demos are worth a try.

(UPDATE) Audiority: I wouldn’t be surprised if only few of you know this company. An italian hidden gem, Audiority produces brilliant (and affordable) replicas of some old glories of the past. Now with 50% to 80% OFF. Have a listen to the Echoes T7E, then we talk!

Also, if you prefer to stick to free plugins at the moment, you can still claim your 2 free months of premium subscription on, to follow my Mixing Classes (where I mostly use free plugins), plus 25000+ others in all kinds of subjects!

So, how did you find these leads? Are you planning to buy anything? Let me know here in the comments!

And in the meantime… let’s rock!

DISCLAIMER: Despite the promotional nature of this article, I am not associated with any of the above mentioned brands, shops and manufacturers.

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