My Sound Engineering course

Hi everybody! As this year has slowly started, let me present in detail my Sound Engineering course and tell you some more about it.

First of all, I would like to thank all my former students who, with different degrees of insistance, asked me to make a complementary course regarding mixing audio. Then, I’d also like to thank all my actual student who are actually supporting me and the existence of this course.

I felt the need to start a new course on the matter because what I’ve already found online is not tailored or suited for people that really want to learn audio, but they are often just a series of video tutorial. Sadly enough, even in some of the institutes I’ve worked, the same approach is adopted.

The course is online and is hosted on the educational platform called Skillshare, a community based learning community which works more or less like any kind of video-on-subscription service: you pay a monthly fee and boom, you have access to all the lessons hosted on the platform. We are talking about 25000+ classes, all in different topics and with different teachers. So, at the end of the day, my classes could be a good excuse also to learn new and different usable skills.

Why Skillshare?

When I took the decision of moving away from the traditional way of teaching about Mixing Audio, I really cracked my head to try and find a solution to give some usable and thick content and at the same time be affordable and pocket friendly.

Also, with Skillshare I can interact with my audience: clarifying some of the topics, answering questions, create a community with some of the people who will be part of the next generation of Sound Engineers and Music Producers. Last but not least, this platform allows me to keep adding material in my classes, develop new lessons and adjust what is already up and running, without any additional cost for the student!

Constantly updated

One of the main challenges with a ready made course, is that in few years, most of the material will be outdated and for obvious reasons, the author cannot change what has been already sold in the market. Also, is almost impossibile, in this kind of learning experience, to build the course you need, with a constant and continous dialogue with you coach.

What I also like a lot, and I’ve mentioned it before, is the sense of community: through Skillshare you can be part of an organized and efficient discussion, having a direct contact with your coach and your other classmates.

What will you learn?

With this course I would like to give to my view about the art of Mixing Audio, enriched with almost 2 decades of experience between Studio, Live and Radio/TV Production.

In future I will also be posting some classes about Mastering Audio.

Every class has a considerable amount of theory, made it easy to understand and usable with on-screen captions, practical demonstration and guided practice. For each topic, you will usually have a final listening part: I show you in practice, step-by-step the topic of the class, with an additional before/after comparative listening.

The index of the course is in constant expansion, and the speed on which will expand, will be dictated on how much participation I will receive: write, film and edit every lesson is quite a task, especially doing it in a way which is relevant and accurate.

No studio time?

Is a question I get a lot. The market has changed a lot in the past 10 years and, nowadays, is not hard to find a project which has been crafted in an ITB (In The Box) Studio, where almost every function of a studio is emulated via software, DAWs and plug-ins. My course is crafted considering this situation, so my students can learn a specific piece of gear, technique or process, by understanding it in its software form first.

The lessons aim to make this knowledge transferrable into a studio situation. The information are also organized in a way that the skills acquired can be immediately used in any audio software the student prefers.

Here the index

The index of the course is on a constant expansion, also thanks to the students who have already joined and contributing to it, both via Skillshare and via the related Whatsapp group.

So, in detail:

  • The Premix – Take your first steps into the professional mixing workflow. A solid mix always start with a perfect premix;
  • EQ and Equalization – Master the EQualizer by understanding it from its foundations and bring your studio/live mixes to the next level;
  • CompressionLearn your way into compression, exploring the most actual compression techniques and technologies, to give your crafts the edge you need to make them outstanding and unique;
  • Reverb – The Reverb is the most used effect in this era and age. Learn how to use it like a pro, skyrocketing from basic to pro level and add a unique touch to your studio/live productions!

Coming very soon:

and many more to come!

Let me also tell you, that if you would like to join Skillshare and you do it through my referral link or by clicking on the lesson’s name above, you will get 2 free months of premium subscription. And if not enough for you, for evey friend who will join the platform, you will get an additional month for free!

So, have a nice learning experience on Skillshare and in the meantime… let’s rock!

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  1. Timan

    Thank you for this platform Marco! I love the sense of community and the fact that you are always reliable. Good stuff.💯

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